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Allegro DataCore

NEW PRODUCT Allegro DataCore is a simple CRM and invoicing starter solution, based on Allegro Mini-Calendar. Intended as source code for experienced developers, it is built entirely in FileMaker and does not require any plug-ins or additional software. It can be shared in a multi-user environment using FileMaker Server. Also included in this bundle are full, unmodified copies of Allegro Mini-Calendar versions 4b and 5.

System Requirements: FileMaker Pro 16 or later (FileMaker Pro Advanced 16 recommended) and a computer capable of running it. Must be hosted on a dedicated FileMaker 16 Server if you intend to share it.

Allegro DataCore — only $99.99

Allegro DataCore is a bundle consisting of three fmp12 files:

  • NEW Allegro DataCore (with Mini-Calendar) for FileMaker Pro 16
  • Allegro Mini-Calendar 5 for FileMaker Pro 15 & 16*
  • Allegro Mini-Calendar 4b for FileMaker Pro 13-16

*FileMaker 16 is required for the "Card" layout feature.



Allegro DataCore is built on a modified version of Allegro Mini-Calendar 5. The Calendar layout has all the same functionality. It can also show records as jobs if you enter a date for the job.

The Job layout hides all calendar records that don't have job numbers and allows you to add related line items for each job. The line items will appear on the invoices you generate from the database.

Contacts are divided into two tables, one for
People and the other for Organizations. A person can be related to any number of organizations. Organization can be related to any number of people. Multiple addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and images can be associated with each person and organization. Those you select as the defaults can be pulled into Job records and invoices. Defaults can be changed by marking a checkbox.

A Settings table saves job preferences that apply to all users. A User table saves preferences that can be unique to each user.

Allegro DataCore Layouts (Click images to enlarge. Will display in a new tab or window.)

The calendar layout and functionality are identical to Allegro Mini-Calendar 5, except that several modifications have been made to accommodate tracking jobs, invoices, and preferences for multiple users.

Jobs are listed in a navigation portal on the left side of the layout and sorted by the most recent date. You can filter the portal by client name, job name, or job number. Clicking on a row brings up the details on the right side of the layout.

If you enter a date for a job, it will be visible on the Calendar layout. Selecting a client number from the drop down list of Organizations links a job to the chosen organization and copies its default Contact information to the Job record.

Clicking the Invoice button generates a pdf file that you can print or save. When you mark a Job as "Paid", this is reflected on the invoice.

The Contact layouts allow you to enter People and Organizations. You can link individuals with every organization they represent.

Clicking on the Default E-mail, Phone, or Address brings up a popover where you can enter as many of each as you need. Those you check become the defaults. You can clear any of the defaults, without opening a popover, by clicking on the "X" button next to the field.

Photos can be added and chosen in the same way.

A person can be linked to one or more Organizations with a different Title for each. The title for the default Organization is displayed in the Current Title field of a person's record. Clicking on the Organization name automatically jumps to that record on the Organizations layout.

You can also add people to an organization on the Organizations layout. Addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and photos for an organization are added and modified the same way they are for People.

The Web tab displays the page you enter in an organization's Website URL field. The Job tab automatically lists all job records you have linked to an organization. To view the details of a job or edit it, simply click on the Job number.


When you purchase Allegro DataCore, you get access to everything that makes it work, as well as everything that comes with Allegro Mini-Calendar (i.e. the full, unlocked fmp12 files). If you are creating an application for your personal use you can do whatever you like with it.

If you are a professional developer, creating or modifying FileMaker applications for paying clients, you must include the words "Built on source code developed by Allegro Data Solutions" somewhere in your solution where it is visible to the end user.

You do not need to purchase a separate copy of Allegro DataCore for each job. Once you buy the source code, you can use it in as many of your solutions as you see fit, as long as you include the above acknowledgment. However, you may not simply resell it unmodified, or give it away.

This bundle is sold as is, without warranty or tech support. U.S. customers may hire Allegro Data Solutions for further assistance. Inquire by e-mail.