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By popular demand, the following Made for FileMaker solutions are once again available for purchase. These were originally built as proof of concept demonstrations for larger, custom solutions, developed for clients. They are sold "as is". If you are located in the U.S. and wish to hire Allegro Data Solutions for technical support or customization, please inquire here.

Allegro Mini-Calendar

NEW VERSION - For experienced developers. This is all the code and layouts you need to add calendar functionality to a new or existing database. Unlike other calendar solutions, it does not require plug-ins, hosting on a server, or access to the web. It is totally cross platform and utilizes only a single table.


Allegro Timeclock

Available in two versions: The Freelance Edition is intended for freelancers who submit timesheets or bill by the hour. The Small Business Edition is intended to be shared on a network by small businesses with multiple employees. The latest updates include International versions which use no currency symbol. The original versions use a dollar sign ($) for all monetary fields.



Allegro Doggie Due

A database for professional pet groomers. It functions like a paper address book and appointments calendar. You can also store photos of the pets you groom, print invoices, and generate reports.