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Allegro Mini-Calendar

Version 5


When you purchase Allegro DataCore, you get access to everything that makes it work, and everything that comes with Allegro Mini-Calendar (i.e. the full, unlocked fmp12 files). If you are creating an application for your personal use you can do whatever you like with it.

If you are a professional developer, creating or modifying FileMaker applications for paying clients, you must include the words "Built with source code created by Allegro Data Solutions" somewhere in your solution where it is visible to the end user.

You do not need to purchase a separate copy of Allegro DataCore or Allegro Mini-Calendar for each job. Once you buy the source code, you can use it in as many of your solutions as you see fit, as long as you include the above acknowledgment. You may not simply resell it unmodified, or give it away, however.

This bundle is sold as is, without warranty or tech support. U.S. customers may hire Allegro Data Solutions for further assistance. Inquire by e-mail.

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